Point Lookout Catskills NY: A history

Point Lookout Catskills NY Origins

The Inn at Point Lookout, NY has been a landmark in the northern Catskill Mountains for over 70 years. On a clear day the panoramic view from this location and encompasses the White Mountains of New Hampshire, the Green Mountains of Vermont, the Berkshire Mountains of Massachusetts, the Helderberg Mountains of New York and the Connecticut Valley. The Inn is internationally known for the spectacular 5-state view.

Located 1900 feet above sea level, this spot has long been a resting place for travelers. Legend has it that the first were the Mohican Indians, who rested here while they made their way from their winter homes along the Hudson River to their summer hunting grounds high in the mountains. Later on, a stagecoach stop was built on the site. Then, in the 1920s, an entrepreneur built the first Point Lookout. Only open during the summer, it had a snack bar and a gift shop plus large outdoor decks with viewing telescopes. By far its most distinguishing feature was a tower to climb for an even higher and more spectacular view. Among the thousands of summer visitors to this first Point Lookout was the 32nd President of the United States, Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Even today, many visitors to the area stop and share their happy childhood memories of visiting Point Lookout, enjoying an ice cream cone and climbing the tower.

A Sad Chapter in Our History

Unfortunately, in 1965, the original Point Lookout burned to the ground in a devastating fire that was seen from miles away. The loss was total. Although a new building was constructed, the spirit of the original Point Lookout seemed lost. The new venture failed dismally, with 6 different owners over a period of 12 years, each one giving up after only a few months of running the establishment.

A New Beginning for Point Lookout

Despite the building being terribly neglected and almost beyond repair, it was purchased in 2001 by Ron and Laurie Landstrom. The Landstrom’s lovingly restored the Inn and once again began offering visitors good food, comfortable accommodations and warm hospitality.

We purchased the Inn in 2013 from the Landstroms, made some additional updates and renovations of our own and look forward to continuing the proud history of the Inn.

We look forward to your visit to Captain’s Inn Point Lookout, NY!

– Captain Wayne Hamilton, Owner